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Originally phased in gradually, the biodynamic method of cultivation has been implemented throughout the vineyards since 1990. This method was created by Rudolph STEINER at the beginning of the century. It is the focus of a book of specifications, a control by an official organisation and allows the grapes produced in this way to be labelled DEMETER.

The methods employed are a truly harmonious blend of past and present. Ploughing is done to cover the vine stock after the harvest, then when spring comes, we carry out what is known as "French ploughing"; removing the earth at the foot of the vine stock. Power tools are used to remove the grass as it grows. This operation is essential, as we never use chemical weed killers on the estate. They can destroy microbial life in the soil.

Organo-mineral fertiliser used in small amounts are produced on site from cattle manure and straw, composted for approximately one year.

The only products we use to protect the vines are the Bordeaux mixture (made by adding slaked lime to a copper sulfate Soilution), sulphur powder, and plant-based preparations such as horsetail, nettle and yarrow.

The use of acaricides, insecticides and all other synthetic chemical products was phased out in 1988? In doing so, we have recreated an ecologically balanced environment inhabited once again by natural predators.

Working the soil and the vines is done in harmony with the different planetary cycles, as was standard practice many centuries ago.

This method of cultivation respects the soil, plant life and the environment and hence enhances the character of our wines and preserves intact all the natural characteristics of our soil.